Australia is a hot destination for migration!

2020 saw Australia, and the world, almost stand-still; monuments and landmarks that were usually bustling with tourists were deserted, city streets were empty, and people were told to stay indoors for their safety and the safety of others.

As we look around the globe, many countries are still struggling to keep Covid-19 under control, but in Australia we have freedoms many countries could only dream of, making our amazing country the ideal location for migration.

Migration could Boost Australia’s Economic Recovery

Immigration Minister Alex Hawke told SBS that he did not think that migration would be negatively affected, and that Australia’s reputation globally for getting Covid-19 under control has made us a hot destination for migration.

As soon as boarders are opened it is anticipated that migration will possibly surpass the usually high annual intake, and who knows what that might look like.

Post Covid-19 Migration could look very different.

Scott Morrison has said that post Covid-19 migration could be looking very different, with an emphasis on encouraging people to move to Australia and enjoy our beautiful land.

Whilst migration is currently on hold, Alex Hawke stressed that migration would provide a great boost to our Covid-19 economic recovery, so this is an interesting space to watch right now.

After more than a year of uncertainty, Australia is starting to look at the future, at opening borders, about migration, and now might be a great time to get your application started.

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