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Sub Class Visa 457 set to be...

Yesterday Australian PM announced a number of changes in relation to the temporary and permanent skilled migration programmes, all going into effect from April the 19th of

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PM announces more changes to immigration policy,...

Migrants looking to apply for citizenship need to rethink the time they need for their future. As another set of changes have been introduced by Prime Minister The

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Tips to applying for Australian visas.

Applying for Australian visas can be like walking through a minefield. The Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection have strict guidelines for applying for visas

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Entrepreneur visa. Encouraging investment and innovation in...

The Australian Immigration Department understands that business investors can generate wealth and good fortune for Australia. As a result, they have made available an Entrepreneur visa which is

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Skills Occupation List. What does it...

The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection issue a Skills Occupation List (SOL) each year to help people wanting to migrate to Australia get an idea

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No longer happy living in the USA?...

With the latest developments in the presidential election in the United States, some Americans citizens felt so strongly about it that they have vowed to leave the

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Employer Sponsorship, finding work in Australia.

Businesses in Australia have the option to employ foreign nationals to meet labour shortages under a subclass 457 visa.  This visa enables skilled overseas workers to find

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Immigrated to Australia? How to get Australian...

Once you have successfully undertaken the process of immigration to Australia with a migration agent and have settled into one of our wonderful communities, you may want

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The rise of the far right in...

The far right is a series of movements and political parties which tend to be extremely anti-immigration, and they tend to be very much against the elites

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About 3500 Syrian, Iraqi refugees resettled in...

In a statement, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said 3,532 people had been resettled, while an additional 3,146 visas had been issued. A further 6,293 people were undergoing

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Private resettlement models offer a way for...

Since July 2013, Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection has been trialling an alternative model of resettlement, the Community Proposal Pilot. Under this pilot, community organisations are

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New Entrepreneur visa and changes to the...

On 10 September 2016, changes to the visa system now available for entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and $200,000 in funding from a specified third party who want

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