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Employer Sponsorship, finding work in Australia.

Businesses in Australia have the option to employ foreign nationals to meet labour shortages under

a subclass 457 visa.  This visa enables skilled overseas workers to find work in Australia.

Businesses who want to employ skilled workers from overseas must first obtain Standard Business Sponsorship (SBS) with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

In these instances, it is recommended to have a skilled immigration practitioner from Ready Migration assist with the SBS process as it can be very complex and time consuming if not handled correctly.

Businesses applying for SBS will then nominate a role that needs to be filled from the defined list of skilled occupations which meet minimum criteria’s in salary and level of skill.

Along with evidence to prove the nomination is genuine, to be eligible for SBS the business must among other things prove that they are:

  • A legally registered business
  • A lawfully operating business
  • Are meeting training benchmarks

Once the Department of Immigration and Border Protection approve the business as a Standard Business Sponsor they’re eligible to nominate positions.

To see if your role is on the immigration consolidated skilled occupation list (CSOL) visit:

A worker holding a subclass 457 visa, will enable the worker to:

  • Work in Australia for a period of between one day and four years with a SBS employer
  • Bring eligible dependents to Australia (those dependents can work and study in Australia)
  • Apply for Residency after 2 years work in Australia
  • Travel in and out of Australia with no limit

Ready Migration based on the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia can assist you to work in Australia on an Employee Sponsorship basis with a subclass 457 work visa.

A Ready Migration Agent will be able to talk you through the employer’s eligibility to sponsor you, if they are not already approved, and the likelihood of you being approved for a 457 work Visa based on Australia’s most up to date criteria.

Whatever your circumstances, we can assess your eligibility for immigration to Australia and assist with any family visas as well.

For expert and affordable visa advice tailored to your individual circumstances, simply complete a No obligation Free Visa Assessment or call Ready Migration on the Gold Coast on +61 (0) 421 913 404.

Our experienced and registered migration agents will be able to advise you of your options in immigrating to Australia.

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