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Discover the Opportunities with the Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) in Australia

Are you a recent graduate of an Australian institution aspiring to live and work in Australia temporarily? The Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) offers a window of opportunity, allowing you to stay in the country for a duration ranging from 18 months up to 4 years, depending on your unique circumstances. If your aspirations align with a permanent move to Australia, exploring this visa avenue is undeniably a strategic and crucial step.

Two Streams, Multiple Avenues

1. Graduate Work Stream
Tailored for graduates with qualifications related to a profession listed on the Skilled Occupation List, this stream provides a skilled visa that can extend up to 18 months.

2. Post-Study Work Stream
Designed for international students who applied for and obtained their first student visa on or after the 5th of November 2011, this stream opens doors to a skilled visa that can be granted for an impressive four-year period.

Key Eligibility Criteria (subclass 485)

Irrespective of the stream you decide upon, it is imperative to meet specific criteria established by the Australian Immigration Department. These include:

– Age Requirement: Ensuring that you are under the age of 50 years old.
– Current Presence: Being physically present in Australia and holding a valid visa.
– Educational Background: Completing a minimum of 2 years of study in an Australian institution.
– Relevant Qualification: Recently graduating with a qualification that aligns with the skilled occupation list is a fundamental requirement.
– English Proficiency: Demonstrating competence in the English language, a prerequisite for eligibility.

Benefits Beyond Boundaries

Upon receiving the 485 visa, you’ll enjoy unrestricted working rights. Furthermore, the visa goes beyond by generously extending considerations to include eligible family members—your spouse and dependents—allowing them to join you in Australia seamlessly, free from any working limitations.

Trust Ready Migration for Seamless Transition

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