Tips to applying for Australian visas.

Applying for Australian visas can be like walking through a minefield. The Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection have strict guidelines for applying for visas that are complex and constantly changing.

Ready Migration operating since 1999 and based on the Gold Coast, are an Australian & New Zealand Migration Law Practice, suitably qualified and registered to practise Migration Law with the Australian Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority No. 0005207 and New Zealand Immigration Advisors Authority Registration No. 201501151.

As such, we adhere to a strict code of conduct, the Australian Code of Conduct and the New Zealand Code of Conduct, and provide professional immigration advice and visa assistance to those looking to immigrate to Australia.

We have helped thousands of people from all around the world migrate to Australia, so we’ve seen a lot of common mistakes people make on their visa applications.

As a result of this experience, Ready Migration offer some helpful tips here for our readers when applying for Australian visas:

Applying for the right visa

There are several visa options when applying to migrate to Australia. These options include visas for:

  • Student visas
  • Skilled visas
  • Work visas
  • Family visas
  • Business visas
  • Investor visas

By choosing the incorrect visa type for your circumstances, you run the risk of lengthy delays or worse, your application being refused.

Always seek the expert advice and professional assistance of the registered migration agents at Ready Migration about your individual circumstances and which visa is right for you before you submit a visa application.  

Know what your prerequisites are

Every visa to migrate to Australia has a strict eligibility criteria that must be complied with. Ensure you know what the prerequisites are for the type of visa you are applying for and that you are able to comply with them.

Read and fill out the application properly

Accuracy is paramount on an Australian visa applications and will result in delays or refusal if you do not complete it properly. Always fill out the required information and check all relevant boxes.

Ensure any written information you need to submit with your application is clear, eligible and concise.

Give them what they ask for

If the Department of Immigration and Border Protection visa application indicates they need supporting documents from you, you must submit them.

Be aware, supporting documents need to be in English or from an approved translation service.

Your visa application will not magically progress without the required supporting documentation.

Tell the truth

Being dishonest on your visa application will come back to haunt you.  The Australian Government have very strict guidelines for applying for visas and have several avenues available to scrutinise, cross check and validate the information you submit on your visa application.

Always be honest with your answers and any information you submit and be sure to disclose any criminal history, no matter how long ago.

Don’t delay

When you apply for a visa to migrate to Australia there will be deadlines you will need to meet along the way. You need to be on top of providing any paperwork or information by the due dates they specify or you run the risk of your application being cancelled.

If applying for a skilled visa, understand the Skills Occupation List (SOL) changes each year.  Being complacent that your current occupation will always be on the SOL, may lead to your inability to apply for a visa as the occupations on the SOL are reviewed each year and yours could be removed.

Starting the process of immigrating to Australia can be an extremely stressful time.  The immigration laws in Australia are indeed complex and constantly evolving.

If you don’t complete your visa application properly, apply for the wrong type of visa or can’t meet the prerequisites, your chances of a visa approval are extremely slim.

Don’t take the chance of your visa being refused. Seek the expert and professional advice from Ready Migration, the specialist immigration law practice based on the Gold Coast.

Our expert and registered migration agents at Ready Migration consult with each client individually and assess how we can achieve the best possible visa outcome for you and your family.

Whether it’s for a working holiday, skilled migration, employer sponsorship, business visa or family migration, we take the guess work out of your migration to Australia and we offer support and assistance throughout the entire visa application process.

If you would like expert and affordable advice tailored to your individual circumstances, simply complete a No obligation Free Visa Assessment. One of our experienced, registered migration agents will be in touch with you to advise you of your options.

Alternatively, come to our Gold Coast or International based offices for a confidential chat.

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