Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme

A Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visa, also known as an RSMS or 187 visa, is a permanent work visa for a person who has been offered a position for at least 2 years based in a remote or regional location. The following areas are not considered remote or regional for the purposes of this work visa; Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

This work visa will allow you to live in Australia indefinitely, with the ability to work and study.

Immigrating to Australia on an RSMS visa allows you;

  • Stay in Australia permanent
  • Access to the healthcare system with a Medicare card
  • Sponsor your eligible relatives to join you in migrating to Australia, such as your wife/husband and dependants
  • You have unlimited travel restrictions to leave and return to Australia for the duration of your visa
  • The ability to apply for Australian citizenship after 4 years of residence

The visa has three streams:

  • The Temporary Residence Transition stream is for subclass 457 visa holders who have worked for two years, while holding a subclass 457 visa, in the same occupation with their nominating employer (who has lodged a valid nomination with us under the Temporary Residence Transition stream), who wants to offer them a permanent position in that occupation.
  • The Direct Entry stream is for:
    • People who have been nominated by their employer under the Direct Entry stream
    • people who have never, or only briefly, worked in Australia
    • temporary residents who do not qualify for the Temporary Residence Transition stream; or
  • The Agreement stream is for people nominated by an employer through a labour agreement.

To qualify for an RSMS Visa you will need to meet the following requirements;

  • under the age of 50 at time of application lodgement, unless you are exempt
  • have the required skills and qualifications for the position you have been nominated for – you must hold any mandatory registration, license or professional membership, or you must already be fully assessed as suitable by the relevant body
  • have appropriate English language skills for Temporary Residence Transition (TRT) stream or Direct Entry (DE) stream unless you are exempt
  • meet health and character requirements
  • meet specific requirements of the stream in which you apply.

Whilst a RSMS Visa still requires an employer to prove that they cannot reasonably fill the position using an Australian worker the criteria they need to meet is not as vigorous as the labour market testing that is required for a temporary 457 visa

There are three main steps to undertake whilst applying for this work visa through the Direct Entry Stream;

  1. You are offered a permanent position by an approved Australian employer
  2. Receive Regional Certification Board (RCB) approval
  3. Apply for your RSMS Visa

The RSMS visa does have some limitations and restrictions to consider when choosing what visa to migrate to Australia on.

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