Your Citizenship Ceremony

The citizenship ceremony is usually the final step on your journey to becoming an Australian citizen. Therefore it is very important that you attend it. But, what happens there anyway? The team here at Ready Migration has helped quite a lot of people to become Australian citizens, so we know a thing or two about citizenship ceremonies. We have written this blog post to outline broadly what goes on inside the ceremony. Enjoy!


Generally, you should keep two hours free for the ceremony. It is a good idea to arrive around half an hour early to get registered with your identification documents (a driver’s license, a passport, or another official document which includes a photograph). After that’s done, you can go and find your seat.

Your Citizenship Ceremony


After you have found your seat, the ceremony will begin. There will be a formal introduction and speeches from government representatives. Finally, there will be an address that precedes the pledge. At this stage you will be required to repeat the pledge of commitment out loud after the presiding officer.  The ceremony concludes with the Australian national anthem. You are then offered the opportunity to enroll in the voting list since voting in Australia is compulsory.


Now that you’ve officially become an Australian citizen, it’s time to celebrate with some Australian treats! This might vary from place to place but usually there is an assortment of pies, Tim Tams and other delicious treats on offer.

It is a great feeling to become an Australian citizen. If you want to become an Australian citizen, you need to migrate to Australia first. Then you have to fulfill the conditions and you will become an Aussie. Ready Migration can help you all the way through that process. We’re one of the most experienced migration agents on the Gold Coast and we can help you with your family visa, parent’s visa, student visa, work visa, skilled visa, investor visa, 457 visa, 189 visa, 190 visa, 489 visa, 485 visa and anything in between. Call today!

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