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Migrating is a life changing decision. Whether you are coming alone on a working holiday visa, or bringing your whole family on skilled or Business migration there is a lot to consider. Firstly, you need to consider your suitability to move and secondly how you can financially achieve it.

Ready Migration are based on the Gold Coast and we can see firsthand why so many people migrate to Australia annually.

The Gold Coast is blessed with great weather, interesting wildlife, pristine beaches and unrivalled surf to name a few of the benefits. With our outdoor lifestyle, not just on the Gold Coast but throughout Australia, it’s not surprising that immigration to Australia continues to grow year on year.

migrate to australia - Migration Agent Gold Coast - Ready Migration
Migrate to Australia -Migration Agent Gold Coast - Ready Migration

The Australian Immigration Department has set up strict criteria so we can welcome skilled and qualified people into Australia to help the economy. However, it safeguards against the risk of additional pressure of our services such as health care, Centrelink, education with much of its criteria.

With over a quarter of the population born overseas Australia is truly a multicultural nation. There are many reasons why so many people migrate to Australia such as;

  • Australian immigration policy welcomes diversity and overseas migration. If you fulfill the criteria for a skilled migration visa the process can be relatively Australia identifies that our nation can only be strengthened with the addition of qualified and skilled people
  • If you migrate to Australia as a permanent resident, you can sponsor your immediate family and/or spouse to join you.
  • Immigration to Australia is in large due to; the quality education from day-care to university, where qualifications are internationally recognised, the health system is first-class, pay levels are high and the standard of living in Australia is one of the best in the world.

The Australia Immigration Department has over 100 visas to choose from, so once you have made your decision to migrate to Australia the next step is to work out what visa would work best for you. Some options available to you are;

  • Skilled Migration
  • Working holiday
  • Employer Sponsorship
  • Family Migration
  • Business Migration
  • Student visas

All the categories of visa have many subclasses and strict criteria that you must meet in order to be eligible for immigration to Australia. It is advisable that you consider what visa would work best for your circumstances as a visa rejection can not only be costly but can also tarnish your record with the Australian Immigration Department, potentially hindering any further applications.

Before making any decisions on your Australian immigration, talk to a Ready Migration Agent. We are an international migration company; our Australian offices are Gold Coast based.

No matter what your circumstances we can assess your eligibility for migration to Australia whether it be for a temporary or permanent stay. If you would like expert and affordable advice tailored to your individual circumstances, simply complete a No obligation Free Visa Assessment. One of our experienced, registered migration agents will be in touch with you to advise you of your options. Alternatively come to our Gold Coast or International based offices for a confidential chat.


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